All pets are invited to participate – dogs, cats, rabbits etc…

Owner will be responsible for any issue that may arise between another animal pet owner. 

Big River Comic Con will be held HARMLESS

Owners of pets participating will need to show proof of vaccinations by a veterinarian when registering.

Animals must be on a non-Retractable leash

Please make sure your pet has a yellow ribbon on their non-retractable leash, if they need space, question regarding this please Google “The Yellow Dog Project.”

No sick pets.

Any pet owner/handler under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian over the age of 18

Owners and pets must check in by 12:30 pm and be in the staging area at the appointed time  

Judges’ decisions are final!

Pets and owners costumes will be judged on creativity, uniqueness, charisma and fun!

Costumes must be comfortable and safe for pets.

No loud devices, laser pointers or anything that may be distracting to other dogs/owners.

Owners are required to clean up after their pet.

No one is allowed to sell any animals at the event.