Cosplay Rules
Cosplay registrations will be the day of the event, 20 minutes prior to each age group.
PLEASE bring all music on a thumb drive or DJ will choose music for you.
If under 18, contestants must have a legal guardian present.
Contestants must show up promptly at scheduled times.
Cosplays can be from any genre: anime, books, comics, games, movies, etc.
Cosplays must pass the weapons check.


Cosplays will have a maximum of one minute on stage and runway.

Contestants must alert the cosplay judges beforehand if you are going to say or do anything out of the ordinary on stage.

Contestants may not make religious, political or any other demonstrations that could offend others.

Contestants must avoid danger to themselves and others. No throwing objects. No fire. No confetti. No fog machines. No Nerf bullets. No shooting or launching objects.

Stage Rules

When on stage contestants will use a three-point system for poses.

Contestants will have about a minute on stage.

Contestants may not throw anything to the audience.

Contestants may not say or yell anything offensive.

Contestants must remove anything they take on stage with them.



Judges highly recommended that contestants bring photos of their character as well as work-in-progress photos.

Cosplays will be judged on accuracy, craftsmanship, stage presence as well as other factors.

Judges will try to give feedback if requested. Feedback may be both negative (e.g. what could be worked on) and/or positive. They may even have some tips to help the contestant next time around.



Our cosplay staff has the right to disqualify anyone for any reason.

We reserve the right to modify rules as necessary.


No real weapons of any kind will be allowed in the facility. All costume-related items will be inspected at the registration desk each time you are admitted. Weapons are required to be replica or prop by design and should not have the appearance of a real blade or firearm. If our desk folks can’t easily tell the difference at a glance, it’s not allowed. No illegal or functioning weapons are permitted.

Airsoft/paintball and similar weapons must be unloaded, not charged with air/gas, and rendered inoperable.

No projectiles.

No partial or full nudity.

No pyrotechnics, smoke, fog, fire, fireworks, explosions, concussions, etc.

No dripping or oozing of fluids, confetti, or glitter which could create an unsafe walking surface.


Cosplay is not consent. Be considerate. Please ask for photographs and respect those instances when a cosplayer may be otherwise engaged.

Please do not touch a costume unless given express permission by the costume wearer.

No harassment of any kind will be tolerated. Not only will reports of harassment result in immediate expulsion from the convention, but BIG RIVER COMIC CONVENTION, LLC ™ will take all appropriate measures up to and including contacting the authorities.

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